New book from N.M. Martinez, plus more!

The Two Brothers is the brand new companion novella to Nina’s debut novel, Ruin. This story gives us an insight into intriguing characters met in the world established by Ruin. The Two Brothers is available now! Check the official website for more details.

Click here for The Two Brothers, part of the Ruin series.

Katy-Rose Hötker has another of her flash fiction pieces in print, now available in the Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction (Leap Year Edition) collection.



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  1. You are too darn awesome! Thank you for the plug. I will ‘like’ this post later. If Ngaere sees me active on Facebook she’s going to whoop my butt! I am writing… I’m just being… distracted… ocassionally 😉

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