Who Is Ashlee?

Ashlee likes cats, coffee, and cool weather.

Living in a nest of creativity in Western Australia, Ashlee shares her space with her family, human and animal alike. Her writing revels in fantastical darkness, psychology, and usually contains a healthy dose of entomology. In the absence of anything resembling a normal sense of humour, she feels there’s nothing quite like having a good sense of tragedy, instead.

To retain a degree of sanity amidst all the word-wielding, she makes time for irresponsible amounts of reading, and relaxes by watching anime, playing videogames, and fashioning jewellery, yarn crafts, and doll scale clothing. Ashlee is a collector of pine cones, notebooks, tarot decks, and gemstones. She refers to varieties as “flavours”, and probably has enough pets—for now.

She began her first novel attempt around 1998, and didn’t step into the publishing game for another decade, so subsequently believes in the slow but steady approach. Ashlee is proud to have been one of the judges for the Australian Horror Writers Association Short Story and Flash Fiction Competition, and then the Aurealis Awards, reading the Horror Short Story and Novella category.