On being a relentless recluse

I just realised it’s after 9:00PM on Sunday night. There was a lot I intended on doing this weekend, and I suspect I only got a small fraction of it completed. Nothing new in that sense – I frequently find my plans disrupted by other activities, or in this case, repressive weather turning me incredibly lethargic.

Summer isn’t exactly my season, particularly here in Western Australia. In the general Perth region, we don’t get it too bad, but the older I am, the lower my temperature threshold creeps. Even this early, just a few days into official summer, I just want to sit in a cool, darkened room for most of the day.

Aside from reading a lot thanks to the awesome birthday gifts I received, I’ve still been busy. I can honestly say I’m more interested in my story, and the lengthy process of editing it, than I am in almost every other form of entertainment at my disposal. Considering the vast quantities and especially the new release video games I’ve been waiting for, that really says something. So if I’m not glued to the very nice screen of my Kindle, I’m on the computer, engrossed in ever more editing.

When two days pass without my notice, it suddenly hits me that I have been holed up in my room for almost that whole time. And days before, except for essential departures; work, groceries, and so on. If it weren’t for the internet and all my exceptional, multi-national buddies, I wouldn’t have had much contact with the outside world.

In the heat of my room, despite the valiant efforts of my freestanding air conditioner, I’m sleepy and just a little content with being away from the world for a while. It’s humid and even warmer outside. I’m too distracted and tired to pay attention to other people, and forgetful besides.

All that’s missing is another rain dance.



13 thoughts on “On being a relentless recluse

  1. Despite not having gotten all your plans done, it does sound like you had a pleasant weekend. Over her, temperatures have dropped and while I much prefer cold to hot, the weather is ruining me physically.

    I understand what you mean, being so interested in your story. I have that same thing, but I haven’t touched it in two weeks. Someone needs to push me to write and get the last 15,000 words in before the end of the year!

  2. The heat has been wicked. Believe it or not, our evaporative a/c died last week! Grrr… we’re surviving in our little box just with the old ceiling fans! Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday and are making stellar progress 🙂

  3. Getting chilly here in AZ. Actually am running the heater this morning. Much prefer it to the extreme heat of summer. But I was shivering and complaining about the cold the other night as my husband and I huddled in front of a Redbox, trying to get the thing to dispense two movies for us.

    It’s so cool and weird that half the world is hot and steamy now, as this half is deep into winter. Our garden orb is truly magical and amazing.

    The process of editing is lengthy, isn’t it? I think I like the inspired rush of writing the first draft to the methodical plodding of editing. But, it’s gotta be done.

    1. Actually feeling cold can definitely be unpleasant! At least with cold weather, more clothes helps. XD

      I’m finding this edit to be very enjoyable, just because I’m making the story I love even better every time I look at it. That is an amazing feeling for me. 😀


  4. Well, clearly *somebody* did a rain dance; it’s been pouring down here for a whole day straight. Fortunately the temperature has stayed up, elsewise I’d be skating to work in a few hours. Unfortunately, the temperature has stayed up, which means work is gonna be a sauna, because the heat is on there & it’s controlled from out-of-state.

    Glad to see you’re still in story mode, though, even with the lost focus of the heat.

    ~Your exceptional, multi-national Captain

  5. I’m so with you — the heat wears me out…. here we’re having an absurdly warm December (okay 50s, not hot but LOVELY). We barely need to turn the heat up. But I know winter is right around the corner. Wishing you some heat relief and more invigorating editing weather!

  6. Quoting you for truth:

    “I can honestly say I’m more interested in my story, and the lengthy process of editing it, than I am in almost every other form of entertainment at my disposal.”

    Loooooove when this happens with our stories! I feel exactly the same about mine! *warm fuzzies*

    And, LOL about being too tired and distracted to pay attention to other people. I can completely relate! We writers are a strange bunch.

    Fun post!

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