The results are in!

On this fantastic December first, I will take the time to reflect back on the month of editing I (sort of) accomplished! I have technically been editing for five weeks, but during that period, I missed enough days to constitute an entire week. November has never been the best month for me to work…

I haven’t made it all the way through the story. Indeed, these past ten days have been editing the same chapter, over and over. It’s kind of an important part of the story, you know? I think I found my rhythm, hit my stride, and whatever other clichéd expressions you’d like. The only problem there, is, my style is repetitive and mildly obsessive. Read, edit, pick at each word, add detail, cut everything remotely superfluous, keep only the sharp and essential and the very carefully written. Do it all again tomorrow. Stories, I’m finding, are a very special kind of compulsion.

Every pass I take, it gets better. I can assure you of that much. But I’ve also discovered editing this closely means I often need to go further back, re-read, make sure the connections are all there, the references all make sense. So it takes a very, very long time to make even minor progress. Naturally, every time I do go back, I find something small to change. A little edit to make. Something which might not make quite enough impact gets altered.

Right now, I am still three chapters from the end of the book. My word count total has gone up by almost five thousand words, on top of everything I’ve cut and re-written into concise, clear sentences. I suspect, with the amount of changes I’ve made, the full amount of words I’ve actually written is well over double that number.

I can’t tell how much longer this will take to finish. I like to imagine the last three chapters will zoom by, but instinct tells me they are the ones I will be prying at the most. I can get a lot done with a good chunk of free time at my hands. I will be setting aside some extra writing time, specifically so I can guarantee this edit is finished before Christmas. Things get way too crazy in this household for the holidays, and I’ve honestly started to feel really inspired about working on book two of the series.

And that means, in a few months, I’ll be doing this all over again. Oh lord. Writing really is glorious, delirious madness.



6 thoughts on “The results are in!

  1. I am SO super jealous! But in a happy way 🙂 You’re so driven and dedicated, Ash! I’m really proud of you! Your Sagitarian hunter instincts are guiding you in for that perfect shot, I think! I’m glad your editing has been a success and it’s wonderful that you suspect you might have it all complete by the end of the year! I wish you all the best, and can’t wait for a time when I’ll be able to get back into writing books, rather than just short stories… but then, I don’t want my baby to grow up too quickly 😉

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Katy-Rose! I admit, the thrill of finishing work is a great incentive! Writing shorter fiction makes it all “worth it” so much sooner in that regard. 😀


  2. I’m so excited for you!!! No pressure… but can you stop eating and edit some more?! Puh-leeease?! I’m dying to have a first read!!!! 😉

  3. Finishing the first draft is a time for celebration! All the following rewrites are another step toward success–but sometimes you have to keep reminding yourself of that.

    An occasional snack–or stiff drink–reinforces it.

    Carry on!

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