Chirpa-chirpa, cheep-cheep

Half of you already know I took the Twitter plunge. You’ll be aware because I found you and Followed you. Doesn’t that sound outrageously stalkerish? Yes, yes it does. Stalk me back! I mean, Follow me! Whatever! I don’t understand Twitter!


My experience so far has been to feverishly track down as many people as I could think to, which probably means I missed more than half the people I should have discovered. I realised I should also change the accessibility of my contact information here on my blog, because I went through my Favourite Reads list and started clicking madly away at everyone’s Twitter buttons – right on the front page of their blog. So, there I have one valuable lesson from joining Twitter. Be more accessible.

I have Followed a couple of other people who I admire, and Followed back lovely folks who have, somehow, inexplicably, found me. I suspect some of my lovely friends may have directed some of these folks in my direction, which is definitely exciting! I have had numerous inappropriate spambot type Twitter accounts Follow me, and I have rather perversely enjoyed reporting their spam as I block them. It’s the web administrator in me (over a decade of experience) taking a gleeful approach to cleaning up the website.

I think I’ve figured out some other minor things. The page is minimal, so I didn’t really bring assumptions about what I could and couldn’t do on the site, so it’s all kind of a matter of exploration for me. I know how to reply to Tweets, and re-Tweet important messages. Re-Tweeting exciting news makes me pretty happy. I also discovered I can search for myself, to see who else is talking about/to me, and search hashtags if I want to see other people’s opinions on the searched topics.

On the subject of hashtags, if you’re my Facebook Friend, you may have seen an update I made on Sunday:

I used my first real hashtags on Twitter today. That’s not supposed to feel like an accomplishment.

Yes, that’s a pretty good summary of my time on Twitter. Somehow, this simplistic little network site manages to provide me with a false sense of accomplishment when I do something new. The novelty will pass, I promise. Until then, let’s Tweet together! I still don’t understand it, but that’s okay!