Two months, just like that

Wow, hey. Zips by, doesn’t it? I’ve been all too aware of the passing days, though not within the context of, “I haven’t blogged in two months”, and more the general sense of time whirling by, oblivious to the human experience. Time is a fascinating illusion; the measurement of movement and change, especially when one can imagine that nothing is changing at all, and still observe the all too obvious differences between “then” and “now”.

Life has been what it is. The down parts which we spend half our effort trying to avoid still come knocking. Upheaval is part of that change which I note, but also blurs together in the apparent sea of sameness. We still get up each day. Eat, shower, work, sleep. The little things in between. Seeing the same faces, having close approximations of the same conversation within each encounter. Our greetings are universal. Sometimes I answer differently just to see the expression on a person’s face register that they must think about my reply, rather than it being the expected generalisation. Sometimes, I see how glad they are for a variation, themselves. Sometimes, they are busy, and it was a cursory exchange, and they don’t really want to have to think about something new. Ah, but that’s people-watching for you.

And as a counter to the troughs, there are the bright points of laughter and friendship; the good news instead of bad; the moments of brilliant entertainment which enrich our lives. Going away for short trips to places I like with people I love. Seeing animals, walking in the rain, making children giggle. Spending hours talking, seeing the obvious fruits of your labour, and especially, the much-appreciated acknowledgement of others for what you do. Finding things worth reading, worth watching, worth playing. Even the quiet times of being alone where thoughts are free to bubble over faster than you can possibly record them, even though you’re certain they are important and need to be collected for future uses.

Two months. We saved a kitten from a storm, and said goodbye to some family members. I’ve read a whole lot of books, and written nearly a third of another. I have determined that I can probably do a lot more than I believe of myself, but it’s finding the time and effort that’s the real trouble. I like November and the positivity and companionship it brings out in so many of my writer friends (thanks to NaNoWriMo). I’m especially enjoying building some expertise on the “behind the scenes” aspects in releasing books.

Oh, yes. I’m still around. Two months in a long time, but really, it’s just the blink of an eye.



8 thoughts on “Two months, just like that

  1. It’s great to see you Ashlee! I know exactly what you mean about time zipping by and getting away — and also what you mean about two months being a long time but also just a blink. I like November’s positivity too! xox

    1. Thanks, Julia! Always great to see you, too! I’ve sort of kept up with other people’s blogging in this time, but with not commenting much, it seems like I’ve been “really” away for ages!


  2. I’ve had a very different perception of the passage of time: Things were moving at a slow, relaxed pace until I started 6th grade; then life suddenly kicked into a turbo mode from which it has never wavered since.

    Speaking of the tags on this entry, is the first book almost ready for release?

    1. I’ve never had a completely normal relation between my time and “real world” time, as far as I can recall.

      Yes, very, very soon! Fingers cross everything goes smoothly from here on out, and we can hit a December 12th release… But before then, you might find a surprise in your email box. :3


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