Easter was not meant to be spent holed up in a writing cave. After two excellent days hanging out with our best buddies, I was dragged out of the house once again by the father and the husband to go trekking around the bush. We went to one of the many National Parks in Western Australia, surrounded by gorgeous forest, and scrambling up to the top of a granite mountain. Mountain, in this instance, is a relative term.

The part I love most about climbing up the granite in WA is how the alien lichens, mosses, and odd little rock plants sprout up and fill the depressions in the stone with a miniature forest of its own.

All throughout the bush and forest were giant orb weaver spiders. Their webs spanned several feet in some instances! We were graced by the company of an echidna, though he must’ve been pretty weirded out by us walking through his land, because he stuffed his snout under a rock and wouldn’t move.

Here’s an artistic rendition of the video the husband took, largely featuring me walking as we came down from the top of the mount.



2 thoughts on “Exploration

  1. Took a lot of video of you walking from behind, did he? Heh. 😉

    An echidna recoiling under a rock is sometimes a sign of hidden emeralds. I’m just sayin’ is all.

    1. I was pointing out things he shouldn’t die on while he was carrying a recording camera down the side of a sheer granite mountain. :3

      Darn, I should have checked closer! 😉


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