Previewing the portrait

There are a number of you who have already seen this picture through Facebook! But of course, for the rest, I’m happy to blog and show you the preview of my most excellent photo shoot last Friday. And yes, sate your curiosity about the hair colour I chose! What do you think?

This is, officially, me being an author. Here’s a larger version, too.

My photographer was simply amazing. Kylie showed what she wanted from me with clear direction and has a wonderful eye for location and setting. We tried a few places in the historical and scenic port town of Fremantle, though the best shots ended up down a random little alley in front of this awesome wooden loading door, complete with flaking paint and worn bricks behind me. I love the colours, texture, and lighting. We had so much fun!

If anyone is looking for a photographer in Perth, I give the highest recommendation for Kylie. You can find her through her website, Photography by Kylie, or the Facebook Page for her business.



20 thoughts on “Previewing the portrait

  1. I just love it, Ashlee. You are a super duper gorgeous author! And the hair colour is just divine! You are a co-ordination goddess! You’ve inspired me to go ahead and colour my own hair, high maintenance or otherwise! xxx

  2. This is officially me, telling you your author picture is all kinds of fabulous. I love the angle, the lighting, the background… and everything being uniquely you! Of course now that I see your hair color as it is, I can’t imagine it any other way. Fun!

  3. Awww Ashlee, thank you so much, I had a great time also and can’t wait to show you the rest xx

  4. Fabulous!! So glad you went with the hair this way, and the clothing color is a perfect accompaniment. It’s great to finally put a face to the name!

    Can I just use this on my website? 😉

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