I had a moment

Sometimes it’s the most obvious things which make a sudden, weird impact on me.

People will be reading my work.

Like I said, obvious. That’s kind of the point to writing and publishing and releasing stories out into the world. So they will be read, and hopefully enjoyed. I had a chance to check in with my publisher for the Surviving the End post-apocalyptic horror anthology, Dark Prints Press. They’re full speed ahead for the release of the crime anthology, The One That Got Away, later this month, and they have some great novellas coming out in the near future which I am really looking forward to reading. We talked preorders a little, which was the point where my odd revelation happened.

People have ordered the book which my story is in. People will, in all likelihood, read that story. People I don’t know! Ooh.

Of course, how is any of that different than this blog? Anyone, any person at all with an internet connection, could come here and read the text I am typing right now. Months of my rambling is a available. Ah, but of course, this isn’t my fiction. I give blog posts a quick look-over before I add them. I don’t spend months or years crafting them.

It’s a nervous situation for no legitimate reason. I want you all to read my stories, I really do! I wonder if experienced novelists still feel things like this, or if they get used to the oddities of being an author. Just wait until I have fiction living entirely in its own book. At least with an anthology, I can sooth myself with, “Other, much bigger name writers are in this.” There’s no hiding if it’s all me.



10 thoughts on “I had a moment

  1. I pre-ordered that anthology! 😀 I can’t wait to read it.

    It’s a scary idea though, isn’t it? People have said, “Why write if not to share?” Honestly, I’m perfectly fine writing for no one other than myself and my own eyes, lol.

    Putting stuff out there is so exhilarating and frightening, but I’m positive you’ll be perfectly fine.

    1. Eee! That’s exciting to know, Nina. I bet you’ll like it. 😀

      There are plenty of things I’m happy to keep to myself, but it’s a bit late to feel too scared of sharing if I’m getting things published and looking over my other work with the same final intention. XD


  2. I think that’s totally normal, Ashlee! I guess this is your first story? I can remember having this feeling when my first two poems came out in a regional literary magazine. All of a sudden I realized my grandparents would read them. It was such a strange feeling. But now I hardly get nervous on debut day anymore — only with “new” steps in my process, like when my first short story came out, etc. I can’t imagine how nervous I’ll be when I put out a novel!

    Congrats on the story. =)

    1. Yes, my first piece of published fiction! Even the articles I’ve had in various magazines weren’t particularly like this. I can relate to the short story being different from a novel, though! I can hardly imagine what that will feel like. XD

      Thank you!


  3. I love how you’re so candid about your writing & publishing journey— nerves, obsessive email-checking, and all! I remember feeling really weirded out the first time I posted on my blog. It was scary and different from merely commenting on others’ blogs, b/c all of the sudden my words and thoughts were naked & vulnerable, and standing solo, rather than being tucked in among others’ comments (much like your stories nestled in to the anthologies). Of course, when I look back, it’s hard to believe how nervous I was. But it was a good-nervous. Just like your “moments” are good moments! And super exciting! Congrats to you…I never even knew you did short stories!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your other submission! 😀

    1. Thank you, Barb! I appreciate the support a lot. This is a crazy business we’ve got ourselves into, and it helps to have wonderful friends like you guys to share the journey with. 😀


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