For the love of a good notebook

There are so many reasons to love a new notebook. The fresh paper, the new cover. Clean and crisp, or rough and natural. Gilding, embossing, or just a lovely picture. Notebooks are awesome.

In the last month, I’ve gotten two new notebooks. Both with red covers; one was heavily discounted from damage (which gives it pre-loved character!), and the other an expensive guilty pleasure which I justified with Christmas money. I haven’t written in either of them, yet; all my writing work has gone straight onto the computer. But I have big plans for these, yes I do.

Starting today, I’m using the larger of the two for writing out a lot of world lore for TDM universe. It’s all in my head, and I’d like to have it out on paper for easy reference. Goodness knows, my memory isn’t the best! I always hesitate over the first words in a new notebook. Oh, it’ll turn into a scribbled mess as soon as I get going, but that point where I’m marking the first page…

I am not the only one with an almost obsessive love of notebooks! In fact, there were so many in agreement when I wrote about my appreciation of new notebook number two, a collective was born. We are the Society of Notebook Aficionados. If you share our joy, come and join us on Facebook. It’ll be fun.

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8 thoughts on “For the love of a good notebook

  1. Oh my gosh, new notebooks! *feels warm and fuzzy* I had a best friend in high school and love them as much as I do. She used hers as journals, and we used to go pick out our new ones together sometimes. It was so much fun! I don’t write by hand as much as I used to due to my carpal tunnel, but I still love the look and promise of a new notebook. 🙂

    1. I’ve always had a love for nice notebooks, but it’s really been in these last, well, five years or so that I’ve really started using them. I never kept a journal, and I usually found handwriting to be frustratingly slow for drafting fiction (it still is, to a degree, but I get something different out of the pleasure of writing these days 😉 ).


  2. Speaking. My. Language! However, I’m issuing a sharp reprimand since you didn’t post an accompanying picture of your purchases. *pouts* Just kidding, but I am with you on the notebook luv. Lately, I’ve taken to writing in my kids’ old Mead spirals. Every year they are on their school supply list and every year they use, like, three pages, so I rip those out and keep the gently used stash handy for scribbles and ideas. (Btw, if I were on Facebook, I’d join you, but I rarely go there.)

    1. Haha, I’ll try and organise some photos (I am the absolute LEAST snap-happy person possible!). You know, I usually end up squashing spiral binding. XD That doesn’t stop me using spiral-bound notebooks, but they might fall apart when I’m done!


  3. I am so jealous.

    I, too, once enjoyed the beauty and excitement of buying a lovely new notebook. But as a recent empty-nester, I spent last summer cleaning both of my grown sons’ bedrooms. Among the treasures and horrors I discovered there, I also found dozens of barely used spiral notebooks from their high school and college classes.

    Consequently, I have given in to the ecological and economical considerations of this situation, and I am now doing all my writing in used notebooks labeled “Algebra II” and “Econ I.”

    Please pray that my writing is more engaging than the other words contained within the pages.

    1. Don’t feel too bad, Sherry! I’m also an avid recycler of notebooks. When working at a school, the end of the year gives more than enough opportunities to pick up all those mostly-unused books and give them a loving home (and then I cover and decorate them!).


  4. Love this! Sitting here with no less than 5 empty notebooks on my shelf waiting to decide what to fill them with!
    Putting pen to paper is always a tough decision!

    1. I’m slowly learning the art of using my most favoured notebooks to just scribble out ideas instead of saving them for something “good”! Better they are used and loved! 😉


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