Boobook has a family!

I always keep an ear open for the call of the boobook owl who lives on the sprawling grounds of my workplace. Every so often, I get to see a flash of his grey wings as he zooms by, no doubt on the hunt for some delicious mouse or moth, but he is a reclusive fellow. I do hear him from afar, though, and sometimes call back to him with the sound that names his kind: “boo-book, boo-book”.

In this past week, I’ve been doing some different duties at work, and its taken me to other areas on the site which I don’t normally see. Since I work afternoon-evenings, it’s been dark by the time I get to these locations. There are plenty of large trees, and so many kinds of birds and even some microbats, that nights are filled with animals sounds and the constant movement of insects and creatures.

In one of the lovely great trees I’ve been walking under each night, I could hear an odd chittering sound from within the branches. It could have been any kind of bird, even one confused by the nearby lighting. I’d stopped and tried to get a peek of the animal before, but my eyes just aren’t made for night-vision, much to my disappointment.

This evening, on the final night of my other responsibilities, I look up again at the faint sounds. Where the branches spread out from the top of the trunk is a wide stump. I hadn’t seen it from this particular angle before. Watching with huge, glistening eyes are two small boobooks! My owl friend has a family of his own!

I was overcome with delight; they were so sweet and bobbed their heads and bodies in a perfectly owly way, watching me as I watched them. They knew I’d seen them, and I thanked them for letting me have such an awesome experience, then wished the family well and continued on my way.

I’m so happy that the boobooks are living in the area and have a lovely, secure nest to raise their young. I really do love animals, but these owls will always have a very special place in my heart.



6 thoughts on “Boobook has a family!

  1. The babies must be adorable. I love your description: they were so sweet and bobbed their heads and bodies in a perfectly owly way, watching me as I watched them. I can just picture them peering back at you, Ashlee. Awesome 🙂

  2. This would make a lovely picture book! I love owls so much. I am incredibly, uber jealous that you got to see two babies in person and in nature. What a treasure!

    1. Aww, I’d love to write/plan a picture book about the animals I encounter! That would be so awesome! I wonder if I can rope the husband into illustrating… XD


  3. From one animal-lover to another, this was so cool!

    I spent a summer working in our metroparks system, and one of the things the naturalist taught us was owl calls. I still do them, on the rare occasion when I’m in the forest at night. “Who Cooks for You” (or a slight variation of it), and I’m always amazed at the return calls I get!

    1. My brother is training/at school to become a metropark ranger, and he tells me all about the interesting things they get to do! I never got to see a wild owl when I’ve visited Ohio, but I saw SO MANY other animals! The metroparks there are wonderful! 😀


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