Congratulations, Amazon

The newest Kindle iteration has come just in time. I was already considering an e-reader for my birthday this November, but hadn’t quite been convinced of what I wanted. The announcement of a smaller, simpler Kindle has sealed the deal for me. It’s cheaper, and doesn’t have unnecessary bells and whistles that I really don’t want on a device used for reading books.

My primary purpose for ever wanting an e-reader has been to carry a selection of texts with me in a lightweight and ultra-portable device. The opportunity to download all those free books is just a delight for me, because while I love real books and always will, I usually can’t justify buying many of them with my budget. There’s an entire library worth of old books that are now free to acquire, and I will finally get a chance to read, or re-read the “classics”.

I find it a real chore to read novel-length works on my computer screens, and indeed, I still haven’t finished reading a small handful of e-books I’ve already bought/downloaded because it’s just uncomfortable and inconvenient. I want to be able to read in bed, or at the park, or in the car.

Of course, I doubt I’ll ever use an e-reader as my primary reading source. Books have too many things that you can’t recreate electronically. They feel good, and have textured pages. They smell of paper and ink and other books. There’s the sound of turning the page, and the satisfying faint clomp of closing the book when you’ve finished a great story. The cover art, and browsing the spines, and the small details like publisher logos…

One thing I definitely won’t mind is a lack of dust covers! I always take them off my hardcover books when reading, since I tend to tear them otherwise. But I really do hope my eventual experience with the newest Kindle exceeds my expectations. Even if I resent the idea that my books can run out of battery. 😉



4 thoughts on “Congratulations, Amazon

  1. I used to be a real book person verses a kindle book person….until I got a Kindle. Now, real books make me uncomfortable reading in bed. Having to switch sides and angle my bedside light as not to wake my boyfriend gets tedious. I have a Kindle case with a built in light, so it makes reading more enjoyable. I also read books a lot faster.

    1. I can definitely see the appeal to reading in bed and not having to shift as often. With a book, it’s kind of constant to try and get a better angle on the page and then the weight of a book tiring the old arms out. That will be a nice change with the Kindle, I expect. 🙂


  2. So interesting! We have a Kindle, but it’s hard for me to read on (I don’t like not being able to flip between pages seeing both at the same time) — but my husband LOVES it. It’s not that he doesn’t like paper books — he does — but he likes the lightness and the fact that the screen is backlit. He also likes to have several books on it that he can be reading at once (he downloads a lot of classics that are free because they’re out of copyright). I wish I did like it because it seems convenient… maybe I’ll get used to it!?

    1. Maybe so, Julia, but I do worry that I’ll feel the same way! And honestly, some things just don’t grow on me after time. That’s part of why the new, cheaper version is pretty awesome; smaller, simpler, and I won’t feel bad if I don’t use it super frequently. XD


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