Never write on an empty stomach

Okay, I don’t know about everyone else, but I get seriously cranky if I haven’t eaten in a while. My mood takes a really sharp decline when my stomach is empty, and considering how much I love food, it’s not surprising that eating has a way of improving my outlook immediately.

Being hungry is super distracting. Not just because I’m thinking about how much I’d like to chow down, but I get vague and even more forgetful than usual (which is a very bad thing). Then there’s the criticism. I get horrendously irritable and critical of everything when I’m hungry. I might not show it outwardly, but I end up kind of resenting things until I’ve had my next meal.

Trying to write when I’m that grumpy is a seriously awful idea. It’s better to just grab a snack and get back to the work later, when I’m riding the food-high.

I won’t turn this into a massive spiel, but I do stop to think about how my situation is so blessed: my food is easy to come by. There are people out there who never know when they will eat next. I like giving to charities, so let me just say, if you can afford to give a dollar, or drop a can of soup into an organisation’s donation box, know that you did make a difference to someone. If everyone who has “enough” can donate just a little, we’ll change the world for the better.

Anyway, I’m heading back to my story now. Here’s to hoping for another 800+ word flash of writing.



6 thoughts on “Never write on an empty stomach

  1. Nevermind writing, love, I don’t think I can do much anything when I’m in that sort of mood. Every single one of my ideas starts to turn sour, and I feel like I’ll never be able to complete anything so why even start? Very discouraging stuff.

    Hey, can you imagine that I actually ate 3 meals today? That’s got to be a record or something.

    1. It’s definitely the doom and gloom self-discouragement that’s the worst. All at once, you’re certain everything is a failure, and you don’t even want to hear others try and cheer you up about it. Then you eat, and things are okay again.


  2. I’m the same way. I get SUPER cranky with no food (and combine that with no sleep, and you’ll just want to watch out). Still, it’s good to see you’ve been so productive lately!

  3. I’ve done some of my best stuff when it’s been hours since I’ve eaten; although that might be because I tend to get most of my writing done in the middle of the night, long after dinner.
    Compounding the hunger with something else, though, especially too much heat, just shuts me down. I become pretty much useless for anything but automatic actions.

    1. I think the middle of the night doesn’t always have the same “daytime needs”, because I have also gotten some really great (or productive, at least) work done long after dinner. That said, if I am hungry at midnight, and I’m trying to write, I get really distracted.

      Heat is my nemesis. :O


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